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The Cycle of Winter

All life goes through cycles. In the cycle of winter we are asked to slow our pace, look within and rejuvenite our energy in anticipation of spring. Most of us have  experienced winter cycles in life. Times we are pushed into discomfort and at times deep pain. Nature asked us to grow from these experience. Deem the lessons. Often we deem the lesson in retrospect. It can be hard at times to see the lesson when we are deep in a winter cycle of life. I like to share a poem I wrote during a winter cycle in my own life. I believe a lot of people right now could relate to the emotions I'm expressing.

         I stand like a tree in the depths of winter. 

         The wind has blown my covering away and I stand exposed.

         My frame stripped of all it's covering. 

         Fall has  begun  to fade into winter.

         Winter is upon me and 

         I feel there will be no end to the unrelenting 

         winds and snow.

         At this time the earth substains me.

         My roots firmly planted

         not allowing the gusts to over take me. 

         When I feel winter will never end....

          a stillness is in the air and bluebird rests upon my branches.

          I feel a bud pressing through my branches to find the sunshine.

          Life has begun to renew itself and I know sping is on the way

 When I wrote this poem I was suffering from chronic lyme disease. The truth is when I wrote it I saw no way out.. No signs of spring.Two important lessons I got from this winter period in my life is never take hope off the table. It does not matter if you could see how, just believe in the possiblitity  and listen to your intuition . This also called your gut feelings. It is important to clarify this is not your mind. I know my mind was not always fully on board with alternative things I tried to get better. Stillness is important. Listen to our own inner self. We could always get advice from others, but if it does not feel right to you on a deep level it is probably not your path. I know in the end the whole experiencein  expanded my view of healthcare and how I viewed it.  

Image what collective knowledge we have from all of the winters we have experienced. We just need to share with others what we have learned from these times in our own life. Sometimes in life others have to just remind us what we already know on some deeper level. So this just me reminding you listen your answer is within. 



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