Falls Lesson

In Traditional Chinese Medicine humans and nature are viewed from a perspective of interconnection. Humans and nature both go through cycles. We have periods of growth, release and dealth. Dealth is not just physical dealth, but the dealth that happens to pave the way for something new to occur. 

     In Fall we are asked to look at what we are willing to let go of. It could be anger, resentment, fear, sadness, grief or outdated beliefs that no longer serve us Does anything come to mind with this invitation? Allow for some stillness to really ponder this. What do you want to hold onto and what do you want to let go. Sometimes we hold onto things that are famillar and afraid of change, but this stops the new from coming in. It is only through the agitation of life that we change and evolve. Why would we be motivated to change without some type of friction. I know in my own life the greatest moments of growth happened after extreme discomfort of some sort. It is important for us to realize this part of the cycles of life.

Emotions are energy in motion. When we hold onto our emotions or suppress them, we stop the flow. The energy will look for a release at another time. The emotions we labal as negative guilt, shame, grief and anger are all emotions of contraction and could lead to expansion .It is also important to note, we all have them.  If an emotion or situation comes to mind, see if you feel it in a certain area of your body when you think of it. Breath into that space. If you are unable to identify the area, visualize breathing in the light and out the dark. You could also do a free flow type of journeling. This allows you to release your thoughts without censorship. If you have some intense emotions, you could yell into a towel or a hit a pillow. Allow for the release of that energy. Set the intention on release. You no longer want to hold onto it. Remove yourself from the emotion of the story. Can you occupy the space of observer? From this viewpoint can you see any lessons. We are noticing not judging just noticng.

      Once we indentified what we want to let go, look to what you want to hold onto. What do you feel is important component of your life , your happiness. Do you give this part of your life enough attention? We are not judging just noticing.  We want to make sure we are giving time to the things that resonate with us on a deep level. 

      Life is about ebb and flow. We are going to allow for the fluidity to happen. Allow the change to occur without trying to hold on. Nature teach up this lesson. Fall comes and the tree releases without hesitation. Fall with all its brillant splendor is a celebration of sorts. A time of release. The earth inviting us to release our loads to her. You could do it put it down.