Self Empowerment During COVID-19

These are challenging times for all of us. It's easy for our minds to go to the many implications that might occur as a result of Covid-19. I believe the best thing we could all do is focus on the areas we have some control  and trust our inner guidance. One of these areas are building up our immune systems. 

      The food we choose can either help us in  this effort or hinder. The closer we get to natural the better it is for our body. Try and avoid processed foods, foods high in sugar, salt, meats and milk with antibiotics or hormones. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, in all colors of the rainbow, spices and herbs. These have natural sources of antioxidants, polyphenols, carotenoid, fiber and organominerals.  These will help boost the immune function and help the body find balance. IF you can buy organic. We could also start gardens with organic seeds or starter plants.  Find a food co-op and buy straight from the farm.Years ago I had a hard fight with lyme disease . I had to be on IV antibiotics. The Doctor I eventually found over came lyme disease himself and took a holistic approach to regain his own health. The nurse that initially came to start the IV and educate me on the procedure encouraged me to follow the diet he recommended . She had been seeing a lot of lyme patients and she said she saw a difference in those that followed the diet and those that did not. It motivated me to make necessary changes to assist my body. Remember our bodies want balance,We are going to do what we can to assist it. Think of your body as your best friend and do what you can to support it . 

       Another important component is our bodies run on electricity. Most of the materials of the body ( bones, muscles, water, fascia and tissues) conduct electricity. Our cells are like small batteries. They require 25 mv for normal functioning and 50 mv to heal. Our bodies have to have enough energy in order to heal. The bones are piezolectric. This means they are charged by stress ( standing, walking). Our bodies design is beautiful. Everything designed in a way to assist us with maintaining our balance, if we do our part. Our muscles are stacked in a way that one charges the other. Movement assists almost every system of the body function better. Find some movement and build it into a daily practice. Dance, walk, jog, hike ...lots of inexpensive free options. 

                  The National Institute of Health has done a number of studies on Yoga, Tia Chi and Qigong that proves the benefits of these practices in a number of areas. These are mind body practices. These help us to quiet our minds, as well as other benefits.Emotions are energy. Candance Pert wrote The Molecules Of Emotion and speaks of this connection. All emotions are necessary. It is important we don't block emotions. During these uncertain times it's normal to feel fear. We just let it pass through us. Notice the script in your head. Is everything your telling yourself negative. Most of us have all been through hard times before and we have grown from them. Together we will face this challenge. Keep your focus on what you have control over and keep walking. Together we will get out of the darkness.