The benefits of SAGE.

          As we move forward I believe we will all be seeking ways to boost our immune function.Nature offers us many inexpensive aids in this endeavor.Vegetable , spices and herbs all have medicinal benefits. Since ancient times and across many cultures herbs and spices were used for their healing properties. Hippocrates said "let food be thy medicine. "

I will be doing periodic columns to emphasize this point. I hope to point out the benefits as a preventive tool spices and herbs offers us.  

         The herb I like to highlight is SAGE ( Salvia). Sage has long been recognized for it's healing properties. The Egyptians and  Romans used SAGE  for digestive issues, memory problems and sore throats. Current research supports the use of SAGE  in aromatherapy along with lavender to improve cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. In Traditional medicine sage can be used for pain relief, protection of the body from oxidative stress, free radical damage ( this happens in the aging process and is also the precursor to many disease processes. ) chronic inflammation, bacterial and virus protection. This is due to the flavonoids found in SAGE. In one study subjects drank a sage tea ,made from an aqueous extract of  SAGE  for 2 weeks. Participants demonstrated improvement with the liver antioxidant status. As we could see one single herb could assist your body in many ways. Adding multiple herbs and spices to our food could really assist our bodies in maintaining wellness. 

           How to incorporate SAGE in your cooking . SAGE has an earthy flavor and can be used in conjunction with rosemary, oregano, parsley , thyme and marjoram. Sage could be used dried or fresh. Use it to flavor meats, infuse in olive oil , tomato sauces and  with potatoes.

            Now is good time to buy some organic seeds and start growing your own herb garden. This will be an inexpensive way to bring fresh herbs into your cooking and reap it's benefits. I also think seeing the seeds sprout new life is just the imagery we need right now. 

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