Reiki session

60 minute Reiki session for $50.00 and also added in 1/2 treats for $25.00.. Reiki is an energy practice that originated in Japan and assists the body with reducing stress. Rei means universal life and ki which is energy. All living things have a life energy . The Reiki practitioner will connect to this universal flow and  through certain  hand placements assist the flow of energy in the body . You do not need to touch to perform Reiki. It could also be done long distance. Think of the power of prayer even when not with a person directly.  20% off your first treatment . Feel free to call or e-mail any questions. 

Foot Reflexology

I am currently in a certification program to become nationally certified . Certification is not required in Maryland, but I would like to do treatments in Medical settings also. Our whole body has nerve reflexes on the feet, hands and ears, therefore we could assist the body with finding balance and relaxation  through these reflexes. I feel like this is the perfect practice to assist our bodies as we move through this challenging experience.  Special rates while I'm a student. I have completed all the basic /advanced training. 

50 minute session $20.00

60 minute Sugar foot scrub/reflexology treatment $25.00