Reflexology Therapy

What is Reflexology?

The oldest possible evidence of reflexology was pictures found in a tomb of an Egyptian Doctor in 2330 B.C. There is evidence of some type of foot therapy in every culture .

The whole body is represented in terms of nerve reflexes on the ears, hands and feet. The feet in general have the most sensitive. This is because most of us protect our feet. The qualified pracitioner wll be able to feel where there might be stagnation or calcium crystalization. You can not diagnose by reflexology, but you can work these reflexes to increase circulation. The pracitioner will do a series of techniqes that give intermittent pressure. A good analogy how this works is, if you have a partically clogged drain. We use a plunger to get the clog moving and increase water flow. When circulation is increased it will help the body with oxygen and nutrient delivery.It will also elicit the relaxation response. This will increase immune function. 

The qualfied practitioner will customize each treatment for the indivduals needs, but every sessions will work the entire body. This is because nothing in the body works in isolation. 

Reflexology is a beautiful adjunct modality with convential medicine. The World Health Organization said "Reflexology is the healing modality of the 21st century."Reflexology is currently being used in some hospital and medical settings.

We must always remember with any modality or medical treatment , the body heals the body. Reflexology is a tool to assist it in this process .