Tia Chi /Qigong

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Kathleen is certified in Dr.Lam's

Tia Chi for Rehabilitation and Qigong for Health. Dr. Lam's programs were developed with Tia Chi and Health experts. Dr. Lam and colleagues founded the Tia Chi For Health institute after Dr. Lam experienced  the healing effects of Tia Chi in his own life. The Tia Chi for Health institute is worldwide. If your interested in Kathleen having a class or private sessions. Message Kathleen to set something up and get further details. 

Keeping The Energetic Body in Balance To Maintain Health

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How much energy the body has is an important component to healing and maintaining health. Every nerve impulse is energy.  In this class Kathleen will discuss energy from a western perspective in the physical body and in an eastern that include subtle and emotion as energy.  Now modern science is starting to give validity to some of these eastern practices. Kathleen will teach some practices to keep it all in balance. Contact Kathleen if your interested in having a class or participatingin one.