Tia Chi /Qigong

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Kathleen is certified in Dr.Lam's

Tia Chi for Rehabilitation and Qigong for Health. Dr. Lam's programs were developed with Tia Chi and Health experts. These programs are good precursor a regular Tia Chi class.  Dr. Lam and colleagues founded the Tia Chi For Health institute after Dr. Lam experienced  the healing effects of Tia Chi in his own life. The Tia Chi for Health institute is worldwide. If your interested in Kathleen having a class or private sessions. Message Kathleen to set something up and get further details. 

Cultivating Mindfulness

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This workshop explores what mindfulness is, how we probably already have moments of it in our life and how we can set the stage to help cultivate more of these moments. We also learn some mindful techniques that we could easily incorporate into our daily life. More mindfulness equates to more peace in our life and helps us live from a more conscious place.