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Summer Book Review

Book Review: The Bodies Many Cries for Water.

I want to periodically share some books I felt gave me valuable information that assisted in my wellness journey and thought others could benefit from. I believe when we find something that helps us in some way, we share it. What I found is some of the simplest remedies are the most profound. The body wants balance, so assisting it in its functioning needs to be part of any wellness program. The more I learn about the body the more I am in awe of it and deeply grateful for what it does for me on a daily basis. It's amazing all the different systems at play in the body constantly trying to maintain some level of balance. The first book I want to share is The Bodies Many Cries For Water by F. Batmanghelidj, M. D

Proper hydration is important all year long, but especially in the summer months. I think most of us have heard by now the body is mostly water and we should drink a certain amount to stay hydrated, but this book really brought home to me why and what is proper hydration. Most of the organs in our body are water and for every nerve reaction to take place water is needed. Remember our nerves are our bodies communication system, so they provide a vital role in all its functioning. When the body is event slightly under hydrated one area might pull from another to maintain proper functioning. This could cause a number of different symptoms according to Dr. Batmanghelidj. We might not think as clearly, achy joints, digestion problems and so forth. Our bodies are amazing machines, constantly trying to maintain some level of equilibrium within an ever-changing environment. For example, the body could pull from the brain or joints to protect the kidneys. When we become properly hydrated suddenly the symptoms disappear. Symptoms are just calls from the body. It needs something. In some cases, we are drinking enough, but is what we are drinking, things with caffeine, sugar, dyes and such. The body will have to use water to assist with metabolizing what we just drank. This could leave the body in low levels of dehydration. This is not the stage when it is showing up in blood work, which is extreme state, but a stage when it affects the body from functioning optimally. He found and documents in the book symptoms that were alleviated by water intake alone.

Chapter three is dedicated solely to dyspeptic pain (otherwise known as indigestion). We have tendency in the west to downplay some symptoms from our body that could be important cries for help from the body. Some examples could be indigestion, constipation and dehydration. Any of these if experienced a day or two is no big deal, but when they are perpetual issues, they need to be addressed. They are alarm signals from the body. Dr. Batmanglij believes dyspeptic pain to be an important signal from the body, because it denotes signals of dehydration. What he based this claim on is, he treated 3,000 patients with dyspeptic pain with only water. All of them improved and symptoms disappeared. His report was published in June 1983 as an editorial article in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology.

Included in the book is a series of testimonials, he includes letters people wrote him about benefits they received from his water protocol, some share improvements with asthma, resurgence of energy, decreased cholesterol, weight loss and lowering hypertension. the book goes into greater detail on the functioning of the body and the role water plays. Suddenly you start to see how vital water is for proper functioning and how if we are not drinking enough, it could affect the body in many different ways.

I wish for Inner Lotus Wellness is to be a vehicle to share information that benefits mind, body and spirit. I do see this book as a valuable one to assist our bodies in functioning optimally. I do hope you include The Bodies Many Cries for Water on your summer reading list.

Water cost nothing. Can't beat that. Enjoy your summer everyone. Remember to stay hydrated. #water#summer#hydration#dyspeptic pain #summer

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