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Wellness Resolution : I will listen to my body on a deeper level.

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The body speaks to us.

I think all of us have taken the amazing vessels we inhabit for granted at times. We have ignored its signals for balance. Pushed through fatigue, answered cries for food with sugary substitutes, covered symptoms with medications without thinking about cause. Yet day after day our bodies continue to fight for balance within an ever changing environment.

Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells that are continously building and deconstructing. Most of the body is constently renewing itself. When I was sick and read this it gave me hope. Hope for something different, if I did something different. It is amazing when you think of the many systems at play within the body; the heart continously beating, the the lungs taking in and oxygen and letting out carbon dioxide, the breaking down of food to fuel the body, the eyes taking in our environement, the sensors in our joints perceiving where our body is in space, the chemical reactions happening and so on. This amazing orchestra happening at every moment on your behalf. Even when we ignore it or challenge it with actions or behaviors it will still struggle for balance and will continue to function on some level. Our bodies are really love in action.

I do believe our bodies are always communicating with us. What if we learn to get intuned to our own inner voices. There could be a lot of voices in society and even in the wellness community telling us what we should be doing. I believe the answer what is right for each of us on an indivdual basis is found within .

I know the first symptom I had with my Lyme disease was pain and swelling in my left knee. I did go to my primary and she sent me to a specialist. She saw I would usually only come in for my yearly check ups. The specialist believed I probably just stretched something while doing my yoga. The swelling was only slight at that point. They offered me a cortisone shot and I took it. Something within me told me said this was wrong, but work was so busy and it was hard to get off to go to Doctor's appointments. I just wanted to cover the symptom and forget about it. As I started to have other symptoms I was feeling like something was really wrong. When I talked to friends and coworkers about it some people just thought I was getting older and bound to have some aches and pain.I was in my fourties at the time. I thought could I have just aged over night. I knew on a deeper level this was wrong, but once again I waited. Part of me not wanting to deal with the problem. I did not want to complain if it was nothing, so I did not return to the Doctor. Until the body was screaming at me as loud as it could. I had aches and pain all over my body, burning in my hips and up the back of my head and felt an unbelivable fatigue. I did a google search of the symptoms and Lyme was one of the things that came up. I went to a walk in clinic that was connected to my work and told them my symptoms and asked them to test me. It came back positive. By this time the Lyme was all over my body and it took me years to regain my health. I don't blame anyone that said anything to me . I probably have doen the same to others , trying to make them feel better or just giving unsolicited advice. I believe the important point is, I lost sight of my own inner voice. My intuition. I knew something was wrong and I ingnored it. I truely believe intuition is our gift. We have to get more intuned with our own inner voice. To guide in the direction that is right for us . When I really started to listen, even when my mind was saying " how the hell is this going to help", yet something inside me was pulling me to try it. I started getting better. Kelly A. Turner a P.h.D student did her thesis on spontaneous remissions. She traveled the world doing interviews with people who had them and put together a list of what they had in common for her thesis. One was people started following their intuition. They used their inner guide when making decisions. The inner voice ( intuition ) is separate from the mind. It is a gut feeling. An inner pull. You could see how your bodies energy reacts. Do you feel like you tightened or releases. Practices like yoga, Tia Chi and Qigong can help get us in touch with our bodies energy and our own energy.

Another one on the list that I found true with my own healing (although it took me years and was far from spontaneous) was releasing repressed emotions. We really carry our stories with us. Sometimes we have no idea what we are holding onto. What we have hidden in our energy systems. I believe one way we can begin to move things is allow ourselves to feel. Sometimes we cover emotions with staying busy or food or other detractions. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, even when it is really uncomfortable. When something in life hits a nerve and for some reason makes you angry or makes you feel like you could cry, or whatever the emotion is don't push the feeling away. Allow it be . Label it without judgement. Notice you are angry , sad, frightened or whatever the emotion is. If you need to cry... cry. Laughter is also a way of releasing energy. Sometimes we could have the urge to laugh at a time that seems inappropriate. Try and find a safe place to laugh. Let it out without judgement. See it as a release of some kind. By labeling the emotion you remove yourself from it somewhat and become the observer. I also believe some types of mindful practice (yoga, Tia Chi, Qigong, Meditation) help you have a tool to culivate a more quiet mind. This helps you become more aware of what you are feeling in the moment. Of course if you are really struggling seek support. You are not alone. Acknowledgement is important. Something that could point to suppressed emotions is, if our emotional reactions outweighs the current situation. Just notice don't judge yourself.

I see Inner Lotus Wellness LLC. mission is to give people a supportive environment to follow their own innner voice and help create an environment that is conducive to hearing it.

Let us treat our bodies as we would our best friends. Lets actively listen and do what we can to support it. I believe in doing this, the other resolutions like loosing weight, eating healther, being happier, more positive fall into place naturally. Happy New Year ! Peace to all of you in the New Year. #resolutions, #wellness#New Years#intuition#yoga#Tiachi#Qigong

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