Herb of the month

Mentha Piperita -Peppermint

Peppermint is used in many ways, the leaves for tea and flavoring in food, oils and it's fragrance in aromatherapy. The purpose of these articles is to increase awareness of the many gifts nature offers us through spices and herbs to assist in maintaining wellness.This is not meant to replace a Doctors oversight. If you are using herbs /spices for specific ailments it is important to have the over site of a qualified practitioner. The National institute of health has done research on Mentha Piperita and found it to have many benefits See the National Institute of Health website. Mentha Piperita is not to be with Protein Pump inhibitors, if you have GERD and use caution with hiatel hernia or kidney stones. 

I can tell you from my own experience peppermint has been a fragrance that stimulated the relaxation response in me, assists me when having digestive issues and with cold sores .For cold sores I mix a couple drops of peppermint oil with in a carrier oil  ( I like coconut oil) in a roll on bottle. If you want to try essential oils it is important you buy them from a reputable distributor. With oils to insure quality it is important to know the conditions they grew under, when they were picked and if any fillers were used. It should be a therapeutic grade. 


(reference Spices as Medicine course Merrily Kuhn PhD, RN , ND, CCRN, A Review of the bioactivity and potential health beenfits of peppermint tea. McKay DL 2006