Nature and humans are inextricably linked. Nature offers us many adds to assist our bodies in maintaining balance and over all wellness. Just being mindful while walking in nature holds physiological benefits as stated in my article " The Free Remedy."I am going to highlight a spice /herb each month and speak of the benefits of including in our diets. This is not to replace medication or a Doctors over site. This is to educate on the benefits of using the gifts from nature. This a preventive tool to assist our bodies with maintaining wellness. Cinnamon a spice made from  cinnamon bark acts as an anti fungal , anti viral , bactericidal activity and is effective against H. pylori candida albicans.The active ingredient in cinnamon is polyphenol ( Flavonol) proasthoryamidin. It is also an excellent source for calcium . The quality and purity of the spice matters. Be careful if you taking cinnamon supplements. They may use cassia. Cassia is a cousin of cinnamon. You could check at Try and select organic spices. The highest quality cinnamon comes Ceylon. Cinnamon could easily be added to your diet sprinkle in oatmeal, in coffee or hot chocolate, smoothies,on sweet potatoes, in curry dishes and cookie recipes. During these colder months take time to nurture yourself and listen to your bodies needs. Our bodies ask for what it needs we just have to learn to listen. 

( Information taken from class Spices as Medicine sponsored by  Institute for Brain Potential  Merrily Kuhn RN, CCRN, PhD, ND, PhD)