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10 Tips to Support Our Immune Function:

  1. Eat Organic. I know this could be a hard one because of the added expense. It just gives our bodies less pesticides and things to deal with. Some tips to make it more affortable, buy from discount chains, buy store brands or buy frozen foods.

  2. Make sure you are getiing enough sleep. We hear this all the time, but sleep is when the body restores itself. It is the bodies housekeeping phase, so it is important for immune function.

  3. Make sure you are properly hydrated. Most of the body is water and requires water for it's functioning, so if we are dehyrdated or just underhydrated it will put some strain on the body.

  4. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and all different colors. The different colors have different phytonutrients , that are believed to support immune function.

  5. Listen to music you love. When we listen to music we love, it helps relax the body and release feel good chemicals in the body.

  6. Do Tia Chi/ Qigong or Yoga. Thiese practices are mind body practices and assist with supporting immune function. Movement also helps to optimize most of the systems of the body.

  7. Get a Reiki or Reflexology treatment. These practices assist the body with finding balance and with the relaxation response.

  8. Listen to your bodies needs. It is important we get intuned to our bodies needs. Are feeling exhausted, but keep pushing yourself. The body sends us signals we have to get intuned with them.

  9. Make time for the things you enjoy doing. When we are doing things we enjoy we are in a postive mental state and this helps the body relax. The bodies relaxation state is where immune function happens.

  10. Laugh. Watch funny movies, be around people that make you laugh. Laughter helps the body decompress and release feel good hormones. #immunefunction#healthyliving#wellness#immunesupport

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2 comentários

Thanks Christine. Take care!


Great suggestions! Just the reminder we need during this time of year. Thanks!

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