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Lessons We Learn From Observing Nature.

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Through natures reflection we see many lessons. Lessons of interconnection, cooperation and life having cycles. Nature has periods of growth, renewal, bounty, loss and introspection. Sometimes as humans we resist the cycles that are naturally occuring around us.An example of this is when we loose someone we really love. We can get stuck in a cycle of grief. A grief that over shadows any love we felt through them or lessons they might have been reflecting to us.

Allowing for the release allows us to remember them in their entirety.

During the session of fall, we are shown the lesson of letting go. There comes a time in every cycle we have to release in order for new growth to eventually occur. As humans letting go could be the letting go of pocessions that are no longer serving us, relationships or people ( or our expectations of people and situations ), ideas and beliefs that we have out grown. We allow room to see beyond our conditioning and allow room for expansion to occur. Sometimes after a period of "letting go" we need to retreat and go within. Like the cycle of winter, where nature turns within and conserves energy. This allows for the resurgance that happens during spring.

During this cycle of fall, let's release our grasp on the famillar and allow for the natural cycle of life to occur. See what are you willing to let go of. Sometimes we hold a firm grasp on the old, because it's unclear what the change will bring. Trust is required in letting go. Trust in the universe, God, source ... something outside our indivdual vantage point. As humans we like predictability, it helps us to have the illusion of safety. When we stay with the famillar we don't allow for growth and new to happen. We need to follow our inner guidance. Nature does this naturally. When it's time to let go, it let's go. Humans have the ability to analyze and this could at times stop us from acting on our deeper intelligence. We could get paralzed by our own and others opinions.

I believe we have to learn to get quiet, so we have access to your own inner voice. No one knows you better than you. Right for one, might be wrong for another. Be still and listen on a deeper level. Ask yourself what do I need to let go of and what do need I need to hold onto. This is a good practice to do periodically. We get clear on our priorities. Sometimes we are giving most of energy to things that on a deeper level we don't see as important and ignore the things we value the most. This is not about judgement. It's about observation and clarity. The more we know what it we truely want, the happier we will be. #nature#natureslessons#lettinggo#fall

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