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The Resurgence of Spring

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

A time nature awakens from the slumber of winter. Nature goes within during winter and slows it's pace. It conserves energy for the new growth of spring.

Humans and nature go through similar cycles. As we enter spring, after a long collective winter, let nature be a symbol of hope and renewal. At times we can't see with our eyes spring has arrived. It's the seed beneath the soil, out of our view. This could make us doubt springs arrival. I wrote this poem during a long winter cycle in my life. I think many right now could relate to the emotions I'm trying to convey.

I stand like a tree in the depths of winter.

The wind has blown my covering away and

I stand exposed.

My frame stripped of all it's covering.

Fall has begun to fade into winter.

Winter is upon me and I feel there will be

no end to the unrelenting winds and


At this time the earth sustains me.

My roots firmly planted,

not allowing the gusts to over take me.

When I feel winter will never end,

a stillness is in the air and a blue bird

rests on my branches.

I feel a bud pressing through my branches

to find the sunshine.

Life has begun to renew itself and I

know spring is on the way.

The truth is when I wrote this I did not believe spring was on the way. I was suffering with chronic Lyme and saw no signs that things would get better. I just ended the poem like that

because I hoped spring was on the way.

What I learned from this period in my life. Never take hope off the table completely. When we are going through really hard things we all have momentary loses of hope. This is normal. It's just important not to give it to this feeling. When we take hope off the table completely, your brain stops looking for solutions. Your body listens and nothing can change. Sometimes something is outside our view that will stimulate our or the situations transformation. It's that seed under the soil. The second thing I learned is to trust my intuition. This is the innate sense we were all born with. Sometimes this can get lost, because we have access to so much information now and we also listen to others opinions. It is alright to research , etc , but then listen to how your body responds to the information. See what you feel drawn to and what you want to turn away from. It is important to note your intuition is separate from your mind. I know my mind was not fully onboard with some of the alternative things I felt drawn to over come Lyme. In the end it helped me see healthcare from a broader perspective and change my minds view.

I'm sure many of you have lessons from your own winter cycles. Think of the collective knowledge we have, from the winters of our lives. If we could harness that , maybe we could step into a period of growth better than any of us ever imagined.

Happy Spring Everyone !!

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