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Summers Offering

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The offering of summer is longer days and an increase in the earths bounty. The increased amount of daylight helps to increase our energy levels. Like any offering we could choose to take it or not. We can choose how we spend these extra hours of day light and if we notice the show nature puts on in summer. When we allow ourselves to receive we replenish ourselves and then have the capacity to give without feeling depleted, so allow yourself permission to receive summers gifts.

How do we go about receiving summers gifts. Step outside the schedules and the “I should” and make room for play. Play benefits children and adults alike. Play is unstructured time without purpose. We have no expectations in play. This allows our overtalked nervous systems to rejuvenate, endorphins to be released, our minds to rest and allows for deeper connection to others. We are fully present during play . This is why sometimes some beautiful insights could happen during this unstructured time.

I grew up on Long Island and summer brings up some wonderful cellular memories. As a kid what summer represented to me was freedom from school and beach time. My Mother would often pack us all into the station wagon and head for Point Lookout, a beach we lived near. Once we got there, we would set up camp close to the water. We would body surf or dive under the waves. I remember loving the feeling of being safe under the wave as the turbulence rolled over me. We would also make sand castles and hunt for sea shells. Mother earth had us in her embrace. My Mother would be ready with sandwiches, hydration and fruit when we needed refuel. All our needs were taken care of without thought. These are some of my fondest summer memories. I believe during this unstructured beach time was when I felt the most peace and fully present as a child.

Play can happen any where. You do not need to live near a beach, have money or need a lot of time. All you need is a willingness to step outside structure and be receptive to it. Allow your imagination to speak. What makes your heart sing. Would you like to sing, dance, have a picnic, explore some place new, make a fort, draw, cook creatively, bike, cook marshmallows over a fire, star gaze, go to a concert .... What resonates with your soul.

During Covid I was home alone. At one point I was listening to music and started to dance. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and thought how stiff I looked even when no one was watching. I closed my eyes and listened and became fully present. Slowly my body started to respond from a move free place. I allowed the stress to leave for a moment . I started to dance and let go of the inhibition. As my body started to move in a more relaxed way, energy began to open up. I felt this surge and felt elated. I was the same person with the same challenges I had, but the moment I put the baggage down and allowed my soul to dance, I felt different. It has become a regular practice to maintain my balance. I felt like I was able to problem solve better after this unstructured time. We put a lot of expectations on ourselves and others. In this modern society our nervous systems are constantly challenged. What happens when we suspend that for a little while. Allow ourselves to just be.

Your summer prescription is to allow time for play. Turn off the phone, stop listening to news and the TV. Be totally present in the moment. Start to listen on a deeper level. What is your heart craving. Give yourself permission to listen. Go ahead play, the world will be here when you get back.


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